Boatcatch™ – Boat Quick Release with Ease

Boatcatch is a boat trailer accessory which features a quick and easy launch and retrieval system from your trailer.
Boatcatch comes with a universal mounting bracket, U-bolts, washers, nuts, pull cord, bow eye and spacer to suit most boats. Some vessels require minor modification to have a correctly installed system. Nautek Marine technicians have the experience to assist the DIY installer with advice or provide a polished installed boatcatch system on your boat.

This unique device allows you to quickly and efficiently launch and retrieve your boat without setting foot on the ramp and avoiding the increasing issue of Ramp Rage. Boatcatch increases safety and peace of mind launching your boat.

  • Faster Boat Launch and Retrieval
  • Drive on and drive off
  • One or two-person operation
  • 100% Positive Locking
  • No more slippery boat ramps
  • Heavy Duty Marine grade Stainless Steel
  • Lifetime Warranty

Boatcatch™ is an Australian Product

Boatcatch™ was invented and designed by Australian abalone diver Greg Staples who wanted to get his boat into and out of the water faster, safer and hassle-free.

Made of 100% marine grade stainless steel. This is a strong and robust product that comes with a lifetime warranty. With only three moving parts, it requires little maintenance and being highly polished, Boatcatch is a very attractive accessory to any trailer boat.

Position the trailer in the water and when ready, drive your boat in. The Boatcatch has a heavy duty pin that locates inside the eye automatically when retrieving and secures the boat upon the trailer.

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